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Sewing Machine Service and Upgrades
Our trained mechanics can provide maintenance and/or training for your personnel, either in your plant at our facility. A multi day visit can be structured to allow for repair and maintenance of your equipment, along with training for both sewing and maintenance staff. A specific curriculum can be devised to address specific machines that you have. Call for more details.
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S. Kaplan Sewing Machine Co., Inc.
11 Tichenor Lane, Newark, NJ 07114
Your existing equipment can often be upgraded to take advantage of modern features such as electronic needle positioning, auto back tack, automatic presser foot lift servo motors and synchronized pullers.
Automatic presser foot lift and electronic needle positioning synchronizer installed on customer's Consew 745 long arm machine.
Close up photo of Efka DC Servo motor and pneumatic cylinder for programmable reverse and back tack retro fitted onto a Juki LG-158
Synchronized cloth pullers installed. Use of a puller insures even feeding, and assists in seams finishing evenly on long panels. Pullers are available with top drive and top/bottom drive versions, for virtually any machine.
Puller installed on double needle machine
Puller installed on Juki Single needle machine
Installation of Sew Green Servo motor - direct replacement for convention sewing machine clutch motor. Installs in minutes - simply unbolt existing motor and replace. Variable speed control, up to 40% power savings over conventional motor.
Sew Green Servo Motor