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Truck Covers, Tents & Tarps Sewing Machines
Consew 745 Long Arm Sewing Machine
Single and double needle machines, available in 20", 30" and 36" arm lengths. Ideal for tarps, tents, sails, covers and other large items.
Models include Consew 745R, Juki LG-158, Singer 144W, 145W and 300W Long Arm.
Union Special 38200C
Extra heavy duty three needle, 40" arm chainstitch machine, with built in puller. Set up on rolling steel stand, for easy movement around the plant.
Model GC20698-1 & GC20698-2
Long arm (24 1/2") single and double needle walking foot machines, with reverse feed. Large bobbin, vertical axis sewing hooks, 16mm presser foot lift. Good for marine canvas, covers, banners, upholstery, leather & other items requiring a large working area.
Two needle, long arm, needle feed machine with built in synchronized puller. Excellent for covers, large format graphics, banners and awnings. Available in a wide variety of gauge sizes.
S. Kaplan Sewing Machine Co., Inc.
11 Tichenor Lane, Newark, NJ 07114
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Typical GC20606-1L18
Economical long arm (18") single needle, large bobbin, walking foot machine with reverse.
Typical TW1-28BL30
Extra heavy duty, large bobbin, walking foot machine with reverse. Ideal for truck tarps, covers, tents, etc. Available in gauge sizes up to  1 1/2". Also available in single needle TW1-8BL30
Singer 300W205 Sewing Machine
Double needle, chainstitch machine with built in puller, in a wide variety of needle spacing. Perfect for joining panels. Available with various attachments for hemming and edge finishing.
Highlead GC20618-1 & GC20618-2 Sewing Machines
Single and double needle walking foot machines, with reverse feed.  Large bobbin vertical axis sewing hooks, 16mm presser foot lift. Good for marine canvas, covers, banners, upholstery, leather, etc. Automatic lubrication, maximum sewing speed 2000 rpm.

Union Special 51500BL Sewing Machine
Heavy duty machine with powerful synchronized puller for single lap and double lap joining if awnings, tarps and other panel assemblies. Available in two or three needle gauges, with or without attachments. Seam specification Type 401.

Highlead GC20688 Heavy Duty Feed Lockstitch Sewing Machine
Heavy duty, compound feed lockstitch machine, walking foot, with automatic thread trimming, automatic back tack and presser foot lift, presser foot stepping adjustment and automatic stitch regulator. Available in single and double needle versions, complete with servo motor stand.
Juki LU-1508N Sewing Machine
Single needle large bobbin walking foot sewing machine, with reverse feed.  Vertical axis sewing hook. Rectangular feed motion, with 16mm presser foot lift  enables accurate feeding of heavy materials without gathering. Maximum stitch length of 10mm, maximum sewing speed 2500 rpm. Good for marine canvas, covers, upholstery, leather, etc.
Typical TW28-BL12
TW28-BL12 is a walking foot machine, single or double needle, extra large vertical axis, large bobbin sewing hook (style 58 bobbin), equipped with reverse feed. It is the perfect machine for tents, tarps, truck covers, divider curtains, fabric structures, etc. Machine has a presser foot lift of 20mm, needle system 7X3 and it is equipped with safety clutch to prevent hook damage. TW28-BL12 is available in sizes up to 1 3/4" needle spacing.