Highlead GC0618-1SC Sewing Machine

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Upholstery, Furniture and Leather Sewing Machines
Single needle, large bobbin walking foot machine, with reverse feed.  Convenient side loading bobbin, equipped with safety clutch. Good general purpose machine for marine canvas, covers, banners, upholstery, leather, etc.

Highlead GC20618-1 & GC20618-2 Sewing Machines
Single and double needle walking foot machines, with reverse feed.  Large bobbin vertical axis sewing hooks, 16mm presser foot lift.  Good for marine canvas, covers, banners, upholstery, leather, etc. Automatic lubrication, maximum sewing speed 2000 rpm.
Juki LU-1508N Sewing Machine
Single needle large bobbin walking foot sewing machine, with reverse feed.  Vertical axis sewing hook. Rectangular feed motion, with 16mm presser foot lift  enables accurate feeding of heavy materials without gathering. Maximum stitch length of 10mm, maximum sewing speed 2500 rpm. Good for marine canvas, covers, upholstery, leather, etc.
Consew 206RB Sewing Machine
Economical single needle, large bobbin walking foot sewing machine with reverse feed. Features easy side loading bobbin. General purpose machine for marine canvas, auto tops, upholstery, luggage, etc. Available in long (30") arm version.

SK SewTec LM2010-76-B
High speed, single needle, long arm (30") sewing machine with built-in servo motor. Perfect for shades, drapes, etc.
Highlead  HLK-03(F) Sewing Machine
Model HLK-03(F) is a small field electronic pattern tacker specifically designed for sewing upholstered cushions. The front of the machine head is hinged so it can be lifted to allow placement of a cushion of up to 90mm thickness. The head then presses down the cushion to allow for sewing.
Highlead YXP-18 Skiver Sewing Machine
Used for edge skiving and beveling on shoes, bags, belts and other leather items. With fortuna-type knife, shoe and plate.

S. Kaplan Sewing Machine Co., Inc.
11 Tichenor Lane, Newark, NJ 07114
Typical GC20606-1L 18 Sewing Machine
Economical long arm (18") single needle, large bobbin, walking foot machine with reverse.
Highlead GM288 High Speed Overlock Sewing Machine
Available in three thread for serging, four thread (mock safety stitch) and five thread (safety stitch) models. 6.5mm presser foot lift, 4mm overlock stitch width, 7mm overall width for safety stitch.
Highlead GC20688 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
Heavy duty, compound feed lockstitch machine, walking foot, with automatic thread trimming, automatic back tack and presser foot lift, presser foot stepping adjustment and automatic stitch regulator. Available in single and double needle versions, complete with servo motor stand.
Highlead GA-2688-1 Sewing Machine
Powerful extra heavy duty single needle walking foot with oscillating shuttle hook. Available mounted off table for ease in sewing cylindrical and other difficult to feed items. Good for nylon webbing products, and harness.   20" presser foot lift.

Highlead GA-0688-1 Sewing Machine
Flatbed heavy duty single needle, walking foot machine, with reverse, equipped with oscillating shuttle hook. 20mm presser foot lift, excellent for nylon and polyester webbing products.
Typical TW3-28BL Sewing Machine
Two needle, large bobbin cylinder bed walking foot with reverse. For filter bags, luggage, cushions, sporting goods, etc.
Highlead GC2698 Sewing Machine
Single needle, small cylinder, walking foot machine with large bobbin and reverse feed. For bags, cases, leather work, shoes. Model GC2698-1B available with synchronized binder.
Highlead GC24608 Sewing Machine
Single needle post bed walking foot machine with reverse feed. For boots, handbags, cases, leather work. Available with hook to right side or left side of needle for specific requirements. Also available with 18" hegiht post (GC24698)